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MessageSujet: MMORPG : Eve online !!   MMORPG : Eve online !! I_icon_minitimeSam 05 Sep 2009, 21:57

Certains en ont déjà entendu parler, car je saoule à peu près tout le monde avec ce jeu depuis que je suis tombé dessus.
Les images parlant parfois bien plus que les mots, je vous laisse regarder cette vidéo, qui déboite comme il faut :

Voici ce que le type raconte (un special thanks à Tikal pour m'avoir donné le début... j'ai ainsi pu trouver la suite sur Google) :

In Chaos Theory, there's a concept known as sensitive dependence on initial conditions. Most people call it the "Butterfly Effect". In EVE, we call it "The Sandbox".
Let's say this is you, one lone wolf flying a starship in the far reaches of space. And in you travels, you encounter this: A defenseless mining barge under attack by pirates.
You have a split second to make a choice. Without your help, the miner doesn't stand a chance. You decide to be the hero and succeed in driving the raiders away.
The victim is thankful, and in the conversation that follows, a friendly gang that was on its way to help finally arrives. Grateful for your assistance, they invite you to fly with them. As it turns out, that gang was on its way to regroup with more patrols, who are all members of the same corporation, which happens to be part of an alliance of corporations that is currently at war with another alliance, whose patrols have just spotted the one you are flying with, right now.
Your decision to help that miner let to this moment: An epic battle between thousands of players, and a chance to share that experience with new friends that you might have for the rest of your life. Hundreds of thousands of people can hear about this battle. Why so many? Because it all happen in one universe, not in separate realms, just one big sandbox, where the actions of one person can resonate throughout the entire game world.
In EVE, the choices you make shape the outcome of events. You could have helped those pirates, or just flown on by. What matters most is that the experience was emerging, unscripted. Because in the sandbox, all player actions, no matter how subtle or bold, always happen in path. Imagine what you could become a part of. Being in the right place, at the right time could touch the lives of more than 300,000 people in 230 countries around the world. Welcome to EVE Online. The universe is yours.

C'est brillant.
Je vais devoir l'essayer, mais avant, je dois apprendre plein de trucs sur l'interface. Ce jeu est très complexe, de l'avis des joueurs.

Bref... je vous en reparlerai sûrement.
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MMORPG : Eve online !!
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